Photo Diary: Old Hameln, Germany

Welcome to Hameln! We drove a couple of hours out of Hamburg to the small town of Hameln which is right on Germany’s Fairy-tale route. It was first mentioned as a town in the 12th century and is most known for the famous medieval tale The Pied Piper of Hameln. L and I were staying in […]

Photo Diary: Hamburg On The Water

First time out on the water this year! The weather warmed up enough in Hamburg where we felt comfortable going out on the Alster River in one of the pedal boats. We rented one for a few hours and spent the afternoon together. A nice afternoon before returning to Boston.

Photo Diary: Lübeck

Recently L and I ran off to Lübeck, a small city about an hour outside of Hamburg. Lübeck is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with gorgeous gothic architecture and beautiful old town. L has three days off a week so we’ve been making an effort to visit many places just outside the city. The little […]