Haselbrunn 7, 8430 Kogelberg, Austria
Friday, May 5th
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Lunch in Kogelberg

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  1. Ooh that looks like an anazing place to have a lunch! And that view… oh my goodness, so pretty. Sounds like you had a great time πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Ivana! I wish I could have that every day! Lucky for the family that owns it!


  2. You’re right, Austria is such a great country, very beautiful and full of history. I’ve been twice in Vienna and I fell in love with the city. You took such great photos, they look “professional”, not ordinary photos, and have caught the very essence of the place very well.
    Yes, I’d like to receive a “Bexpeditions Postcard Club”.

    1. Thanks so much Perla, that means a lot to me. And I’m so happy you’d want to join my postcard club! Hopefully, we’ll implement it soon. I find Vienna to be one of the best cities in the world and can’t wait to share those adventures with you here as well.


  3. I don’t know what is more beautiful. The view or that plate with food. Looks yummy! I could really relax here, what a beautiful place to have lunch.

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