Lubeck, Germany
Wednesday, March 15th
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Photo Diary: Lübeck

Recently L and I ran off to Lübeck, a small city about an hour outside of Hamburg. Lübeck is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with gorgeous gothic architecture and beautiful old town.

L has three days off a week so we’ve been making an effort to visit many places just outside the city. The little day trips are fun dates and it also helps me become more comfortable being here in Germany. Much better than sitting around the house all day and with this we rarely run out of things to talk about. Though our time on the train is often quiet time, mostly catching zzzzzs for me. I have a special talent for falling asleep in record time on trains, cars, planes, etc.

We came upon a small fair in the city center where I tried Langos for the first time. It’s Hungarian deep-fried flatbread with garlic so you really can’t go wrong, ha. My favorite view of the day was at the entrance of the Holsten Gate which was constructed between 1464 and 1478. Apparently, the Germans didn’t know a whole lot about building a solid foundation at the time because the two towers started caving in for almost 500 years. It was eventually stabilized in the 1930s. The tilted towers add a little visual interest and it is impressive that it never came crashing down considering.

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