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  • Hamburg, Germany | Update From Hamburg | Bexpeditions

Life Updates From Hamburg, Germany

Hello! I’m still alive! The last four months have been a complete whirlwind and I’ve felt guilty for abandoning the blog during that time. I’ve been working on some exciting things though! Since my last post I was on Martha’s Vineyard at the end of summer and by mid-October, I was back in Hamburg with Lukas. Throughout November we were apartment hunting and by December we found a new place in HafenCity and moved in!…
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  • Washington D.C. Travel Diary | Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington D.C. | Bexpeditions.com

Washington D.C.: The Fairmont & Georgia Brown’s, Diary

Lukas and I arrived in Washington D.C.! After a short plane, long train and what felt like an oddly long cab ride through the city, we entered our home away from home at the Fairmont Washington D.C. I always thought of Fairmont’s as being quite traditional in taste but this one had very modern features, especially in its lounge areas. It felt like a breath of fresh air walking in, a zen feeling from within. You…
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  • Diary: Ice Cream & Antiques in Gloucester, Massachusetts | Bexpeditions.com

Diary: Ice Cream & Antiques in Gloucester, Massachusetts

This past weekend has been such a whirlwind of unexpected events. The biggest one was the fact that Lukas surprised me early!! He kept telling me that he was arriving on Saturday and that he would be in Berlin on Friday for a meeting. I had a photo shoot scheduled Friday morning and right as I woke up I checked in with him as usual. He sent a smiling photo of himself and on my…
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Meet the Locals: SIFT Bake Shop Owner & Pastry Chef, Adam Young

Tuesday, 7:03 A.M. — I walked into SIFT Bake Shop Mystic for the second time in the past 24 hours, a few steps off of Main Street in Mystic, Connecticut. I had my eye on one of those flaky ham & cheese croissants I’ve been dreaming about since yesterday morning, a hot coffee and a chat with the owner and chef Adam Young. We touched on many topics including why and how he got into pastry, why he chose Mystic, our shared love for New Orleans, appearing on Food Network and what’s to…

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48 Hours: Mystic, Connecticut

Back with another post about our recent trip to Connecticut! I’m sharing a complete overview of our 48 hours in Mystic, Connecticut. Although the weather wasn’t on our side during our time there we were still able to go out on a less rainy day. With a population of only 4,205, it’s clear the people of this coastal community make it so special! Everyone I chatted with was so sweet and supportive of one another…
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Experience Connecticut: Wine Tasting at Saltwater Farm Vineyard

I was a guest of Saltwater Farm Vineyard who offered me a complimentary wine tasting. My opinions, as always, are my own! On Sunday I packed up my things for a quick weekend trip to Mystic, Connecticut! Just a two-hour drive from Boston, Mystic is a great choice as an alternative to Martha’s Vineyard or Cape Cod. After dropping our bags off at our home away from home, my first stop was Saltwater Farm Vineyard in…
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Welcoming August: Monthly Goals & Upcoming Fun

Hello, August! I’m so happy to have the last full month of summer here. Even though New England is the best place to be in summer, it is still my least favorite season. The humidity in the city is absolutely unbearable and even staying seaside isn’t all that fun! After the first two weeks or so of nice weather I start to wear the same 7 pieces, I can’t stop sweating and the heat makes me feel more tired…
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My Midtown Manhattan Brunches

Just a quick update & another round of NYC photographs. Taking a look back on all my New York photos now and I realized my food photographs shared a common theme: breakfast/brunch. It would explain the additional two pounds I gained since I returned, aha. I guess it’s something about New York diner/restaurant culture that now makes it possible to have waffles whenever you want and brunch is served 7 days a week. It’s no…
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Sailing Heals for Cancer Patients in Manchester-By-The-Sea, Massachusetts

I’m so happy to welcome July with open arms after a pretty slow June came and went very quietly. I’ll be traveling a bit more this month and will surely have some exciting stories to share later on! On the first of the month, the whole family and I took a very scenic drive up to Manchester-By-The-Sea, Massachusetts. It’s about an hour outside of Boston on the north shore. We were there for Sailing Heals, an…
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