Thursday, September 13th
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On Vineyard Time

It’s raining here in Boston which means I finally have a chance to go through last week’s Vineyard photographs! I have been going to Martha’s Vineyard almost every year since I was single digits. It’s tradition and no matter how far away everyone lives, we make it a priority to try and be there for the summer.

This was a special time to be with my mom again since her heart attack in July. Because I was away when it happened, it’s still a little unusual for me to believe it happened at all (even after all the panicking from Germany) but she did show some signs of a tough recovery this week when it came to walking around. She has to slow down and stop often even when it’s a short walk to town. She held up well but I felt bad when she would decide to leave before everyone else so we could catch up with her at a normal walking pace.

L & I did a lot this week when it came to exploring the island. It is only his second time visiting so we pretty much explored every single nook and only parted ways when I didn’t feel like heading to Chappaquiddick. The more summers we spend here, the more we have to start seeking out new things to try. It’s fun to explore with him because the island is still fresh for him and it’s fun to see it through his eyes.

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