Lüneburg, Germany
Sunday, March 5th
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Photo Diary: Lüneburg, Germany

L and I took a short train ride outside of Hamburg for a daytime date. Just 45 minutes away we went to explore the town of Lüneburg. It’s one of those picturesque towns in Germany that makes you feel you stepped onto a film set. Or placed yourself in the middle of a snow globe scene. First mentioned in 956, the town was most popular and wealthy in the Middle Ages for producing salt. Today, it’s a popular weekend destination, though still small enough that locals were clearly not used to seeing someone run around with a camera snapping photographs.

The highlight of our afternoon was going up to the Lüneburg Water Tower which gives you an entire view over the village. It also serves as a museum, allowing you to walk through the entire tower, sharing the history of the structure. The view at the top is worth checking out. Enjoy the photographs. I hope we will take more day trips here as we settle down in Hamburg this year.

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