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Lady In Red: Our Picture Perfect Day In Vienna!

I AM SO EXCITED to finally share this with you! I’ve shared parts of it here and there but this is the first time I’m actually talking about this photo shoot and sharing a real collection of them. You’ll notice my sidebar portrait was from this shoot! Lukas and I love having our photo taken (which is funny to me now because I used to HATE it. All of my elementary school photos look like…
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Mornings at Demel

I love those days where everything seems to just fall into place perfectly – you have things to do although nothing feels overwhelming and the cards are just in your favor for those few hours. This is how I feel when I walk into Demel. Although Demel could probably be seen as a common tourist attraction as it’s so famous for those visiting Vienna, it’s absolutely wonderful! And after trying out multiple Viennese cafes we…
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A Peek Inside The Most Magnificent Venue in Vienna

Wondering what the best way is to get a good tour? Say you’re interested in getting married there! Although L hasn’t popped the question we were interested in seeing a couple venues while we happened to be traveling to keep in the back of our minds when that time comes (ahem, no pressure πŸ˜›). It’s going to be a destination wedding for at least half the guests so we’re open to the whole globe as…
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Photo Diary: Welcome to Beautiful Vienna!

Ah, Vienna! Do you know when you visit a place and you automatically feel like you belong there? It’s one of those rare cities where it’s new but never strange or unfamiliar. You feel you’re one with the people (aside from the whole language thing, ha – but even in Vienna that doesn’t seem to be a large issue!). Do you have a city that makes you feel that way? I felt that with Boston…
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