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Sights To Give You Shivers…An Austrian Train Ride

Just a very short yet beautiful post about our train ride into Austria. As we began our journey in a panic at the Munich Central Station, afraid of missing our train to Austria we were most grateful it ended up being delayed! We miscalculated our time and only realized about 10 minutes before the train was scheduled to depart and we had barely checked out of our hotel! I’m in panic mode, Lukas is in…
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My Carry-On Essentials

This post was originally made public on Feb. 11, 2015 with RelayRides, now Turo. Originally posted on Tumblr. ย Last updated April 24, 2017. I’ve left the snowy streets of Boston for New Orleans today! And anything above 30 degrees feels amazingly warm. This post is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile and with my trip, it felt like the perfect time to do so. Turo was the one to send in the question wanting…
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