Inside Austria’s Zotter Chocolate Factory

A chance to live out my dreams as a kid in a chocolate factory? Yes, please! As Lukas grew up in Graz, this was an experience he shared with me when we first started dating! He made it sound so exciting, “you take a spoon and have as much as you want! And they have all different kinds!” So when we arrived in Graz, I was very excited to have my own experience at the Zotter Chocolate Factory.

Bucket List: Going to the Austrian Zotter Chocolate Factory!

To begin, we started with a film where they explained all about the cocoa beans, where they come from and the entire process of turning it into yummy chocolate as well as information about Josef Zotter, the chocolatier behind all of it. The business is still run by much of the Zotter family, which I find fascinating! Especially at the size that it is, it’s interesting to read about all their different responsibilities.

Hearing about the entire process from the very beginning is a treat! It’s fair trade and organic – the only company in Europe to do that with their chocolate! The film is in German but has English subtitles.

So as you receive your spoon which you take with you throughout the entire tour they have different chocolate fountains that contain various amounts of cocoa from 100% to 30% I believe, which is when it contains more milk than cocoa, creating white chocolate.

A peek inside the packaging rooms.ย 

More solid chocolate samples inside of the copper cans.

Even MORE chocolate samples on the turntables. We also had chocolate samples on a conveyor belt at the end and you also encounter a small bar area that looks out over their farm where you can order chocolatey drinks and desserts.

At the end of the factory tour, you enter a large chocolate shop where you’re free to buy any take-home treats! The issue with this shop is that after trying so many types of chocolate and having as much as your stomach can take, you really don’t want to buy anything at the shop. Both Lukas and I were full and barely spent any additional time roaming. That being said, we really regretted not buying anything once we were hungry again! So my advice: buy the chocolate at the end even if you’re full! You’ll want it later. I promise.

Out of all the treats we tried, my personal favorite was the Raspberry Pop Art Corn which I snacked on at the very beginning before it even started. I’m still craving it now!!

I truly wish I had more photos but we were so enticed by all the chocolate we really didn’t want to let that spoon out of our hands, LOL. This is a short drive from Graz so if you’re ever visiting, make sure to pay a visit!

zotter Schokoladen Manufaktur GmbH
Bergl 56, 8333 Riegersburg, AUSTRIA // website

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