Sights To Give You Shivers…An Austrian Train Ride

Just a very short yet beautiful post about our train ride into Austria. As we began our journey in a panic at the Munich Central Station, afraid of missing our train to Austria we were most grateful it ended up being delayed! We miscalculated our time and only realized about 10 minutes before the train was scheduled to depart and we had barely checked out of our hotel! I’m in panic mode, Lukas is in disbelief and we find ourselves running for our lives to the right platform, catching our breath. Whew! Lukas hugged me tight as he blew out a sigh of relief and before we knew it we were on our way to Austria!

Wanderlust: A Train Ride In Austria

Before we even arrived at our destination I was in absolute awe by the journey there. I have never been on such a train ride that had such stunning views that stretched for so long. The crossover into Austria is absolutely stunning and one of the only times where I would much rather travel by train than plane. The hills are alive!

I got my ticket for the long way round…the one with the prettiest of views!

I must say I was sad to see these views come to an end as we rode by…It’s everything you would think Austria is by the books and movies. Except it’s way better in person! The perfect taste entering this country as we made our way to Graz. On our train rides it’s pretty typical that Lukas and I use it to have our own quiet time whether that be reading, writing or sleeping  – we don’t like to disturb each other. I typically go start organizing photos in Lightroom and listen to some tunes. Do you have any train or plane ride things you like to do during that time?

Rebecca’s Tunes – An Austrian Train Ride

I used a Canon EOS Rebel T3i for the photographs with an 18-55mm zoom lens.
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