Amsterdam Part 3, Diamonds & Munchies

So rounding up the big birthday trip our last full day in Amsterdam was a lot of fun and slightly “spacey” (if you know what I mean.). Lukas and I slept in and went out late for breakfast for bagels. We’re both major bagel people (all bread and carbs really). But the sun continued to shine and on our last full day, we realized we have yet to visit any museums and thought we would go to the Rijks Museum and the nearby Diamond Museum.

The wind started picking up right about now!

Later in the afternoon L and I picked another cafe art random, Basjoe’s pictured above. We originally just planned for coffee but upon ordering it was a rule that we must purchase something containing marijuana and settled on a “space cake” which was really was not a cake at all and actually a muffin (I’m very serious about labelling my carbs correctly.) which we both picked at with little thought (it was really tasty!) and continued sightseeing as we made our way to the museums. The wind and light rain started picking up at this time so it was a perfect time to head out.

We first stopped at the Rijks museum which was a big to-do on our lists but we were not aware of the long lines that greeted us upon arrival! It was a bit of a bummer, honestly. I guess it’s another reason to come back to Amsterdam but we’ll definitely have to do better planning of the museums next time.

We opted for the nearby Diamond Museum instead as they were going to close soon and we figured it would be the fastest one to get through in our desire to get into at least one museum!

The one above was personally my favorite but they were all stunning! It’s really interesting and beautiful to see all the types of crowns and who they were for and the meanings behind them. Aside from the exhibition they also have a part of the factory you can view and watch them polish the diamonds which was interesting to see. L and I had fun playing a game where we tried to identify the real diamond among a bunch of imposter ones. When we were looking at rings once we taught ourselves all about the 4c’s so it was a lot of fun to put those skills to the test!

The funniest part of the whole day was as we were finishing up at the museum, I turn around and look at Lukas and all of a sudden he has this daze on his face that I couldn’t recognize. I ask him what’s wrong and he goes “I can’t close my mouth. It’s happening” and all of a sudden his face breaks out into a grin and he starts laughing hysterically in the middle of the museum. Once I realized what that “happening” moment was I also started laughing and couldn’t stop as my head felt all warm. I completely forgot about the “space cake” we indulged in a few hours before! And then all of a sudden I couldn’t close my mouth or relax my jaw which made both of us laugh even harder.

So we leave the museum and go outside, we’re both in such a complete state of hysteria and all of a sudden I smell waffles and we both look at each other, practically drooling. The amount of Nutella waffles we consumed in the Netherlands is a bit alarming but we went for one more, ate it in approximately 60 seconds and we still felt hungry after that and then we opted for a hotdog stand with everything on it. This would never have happened in our normal state of mind but it was too good and hilarious to just not indulge.

And Lukas being my love with the camera around his neck, felt the need to capture all of it. I can’t help but laugh when I look at them so I hope you do too. I must say this state of mind does give you the appetite one needs to explore all those amazing restaurants Amsterdam has to offer! And when we got back to our hotel we may or may not have also ordered french fries…. #noregrets!

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