Birthday in Amsterdam, Part 2 Canal Ride

More from Amsterdam! How is one supposed to narrow down over 700 photos and dozens of video for a single blog post?? This is my attempt. The weather was so beautiful (lucky us!) that we were able to shed our coats for some time and have a sneak peek of summer. We decided we needed to do all things that one would typically do in summer and not hold back even though spring has barely arrived. We did a beautiful canal ride through the city that was absolutely darling and learned a bit more about the architecture. I wanted to surprise Lukas with a thank you for organizing this trip and booked us a cheese and wine tasting at the Golden Age Cheese Store, which he was eyeing the night before! That event will be a blog post of its own but we had the entire tasting room to ourselves and our host, Ron, was fantastic! We tried five types of cheese and three wines which I’ll share soon. We’re definite cheese snobs now and we’re having serious trouble finding cheeses that are as good as the ones we tasted. Any recommendations? Below are photographs from our sunniest day in Amsterdam along with a video feature of our canal ride.



Below is a small video feature I put together for our canal ride – it was so gorgeous and peaceful that photos alone couldn’t capture its beauty!


Experience a slice of it with us above and if you’re heading to Amsterdam I definitely recommend it if the weather permits. Make sure you get a small, open boat. The more intimate the better!


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