Birthday In Amsterdam, Part 1

Life in Amsterdam! How lucky am I that I was able to explore you?? Lukas planned a surprise trip to Amsterdam and I could not be more grateful. We woke up at 6 am on my birthday, had cake for breakfast and packed a bag for an 8 am train where I was unaware of our final destination. If you saw my Instastories you also got to experience the whole thing with me! I knew we were going somewhere and it was going to be either Copenhagen or Amsterdam. Amsterdam was revealed right before we boarded our train. After a long long ride, we arrived in Amsterdam and I could be more in love with a place I just met. It has the best vibe the minute you step outside. Everyone we meet is beyond friendly and it’s fascinating to watch people move around. Bikes rule the streets but it’s an attraction on its own to watch the combination of streetcars, cyclists, and pedestrians all move so seamlessly without colliding. It took us around the first half of the day to get used to it before we were strolling along with them.

This city has the BEST bookstores. I purchased a book from the Athenaeum Boekhandel which has a small but very well put together English selection. Nearby is the American Bookstore which is about three stories of all English books and a really amazing selection!


One of our first stops which ended up being one of our favorites was a small pizza place we chose at random after not eating all day. I can’t eat tomatoes and it can be a bit complicated at times to find a place that will make pizza without them – we asked our waitress, they did it and it was ahhhh-mazing. We went back the next night for a late-night treat once the sun went down. Our waitress even remembered us and my restrictions again without hesitation.

I didn’t think we could top last year’s birthday celebration with our countryside castle stay but I think he has. Our healthy eating streak went to pits here but I have absolutely no regrets.


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