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This post was originally made public on May 14, 2015. Originally posted on Tumblr. Last updated April 26, 2017.

I actually love trying out new workouts. That is after I get past my anxiety and fear that I’ll be the worst one in the class because everybody has been mastering this workout since they were 10 years old.

I forced myself to get over that fear when trekking across the Public Garden to BTone Fitness’ Back Bay studio on Newbury. New blogger friend Jenna had invited a bunch of us to try out their new Indo-Row class where admittedly most of the other girls had never tried it before. Whew.

I had a brief run in with rowing when a super cute ex-personal trainer used to have me do it for quite a while towards the end of our sessions. So I wasn’t completely blindsided but that doesn’t mean I actually know what I’m doing.

The fun thing about BTone’s Indo-Row is that it turns this daunting workout into a really supportive, team effort — as if you were part of a rowing team. It’s designed for first-time rowers and definitely a full body workout! I felt it most in my arms and thighs and even though I purposefully chose the seat by an open window I was still quietly cursing under my breath.

What made the class was the instructor and the fact that we had a really great group of girls who were all super supportive and engaged! I think many times group classes can be quietly competitive and it was fun to feel like you had teammates and you could be outwardly competitive towards the other team all in a fun nature of such a kick ass workout.

There are three parts to the class. One is just getting used to the machine, the second are drills with a mix between rowing, planks, and lunges. And the last (and most fun!) part are the races. Your teammate a second ago now becomes your competitor as each side becomes a team of its own, participating in a rowing relay race down the line. It’s thrilling, it pushes you, and everyone cheers you on! It makes something so daunting really enjoyable! A fellow blogger posted a short Instagram video you can view below of our class.

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Good news: BTone has three more locations in Sudbury, Lexington, and Wellesley. Have you ever tried Indo-Row? Or if you guys have any interesting workout classes you’ve attended please let me know!

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