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Austria Photo Diary: Graz City Date

Welcome to Graz! After a long train ride from Munich, we arrived here, Lukas’s hometown. This was a really big trip for me as it’s not only exploring a new place but seeing L’s parents and grandparents was a huge deal. We stayed with his grandparents for the first few days just outside of Graz which had its highs and lows. High was that his grandparents are very kind and gave us a very warm…
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Photo Diary: Lübeck

Recently Lukas and I ran off to Lübeck, a small city about an hour outside of Hamburg. An unusual city and the first where I was greeted with such a prominent gate! Lübeck is a World Heritage Site from UNESCO with its gorgeous gothic architecture and its old town is really darling! Although L think it’s strange they had multiple museums dedicated to puppet theater which I found absolutely adorable! It seemed like such a strange…
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