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Sunny St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans Sightseeing

One of my favorite things to do in New Orleans on a good day is to escape the craziness of the French Quarter, go uptown and stroll along St. Charles Avenue. Also known as “The Jewel of America’s Grand Avenues”.  I highly recommend it to those who really want to visit New Orleans but don’t want to get in all the crazy party happenings that they think the city only has to offer. A QUIETER…
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Photo Diary: New Orleans French Quarter

“There are a lot of places I like, but I like New Orleans better. There’s a thousand different angles at any moment. At any time you could run into a ritual honoring some vaguely known queen. Bluebloods, titled persons like crazy drunks, lean weakly against the walls and drag themselves through the gutter. Even they seem to have insights you might want to listen to. No action seems inappropriate here. The city is one very…
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New Orleans Jazz Fest 2017 Diary + Playlist

New Orleans…Where do I even begin? It’s my original hometown although I’ve grown up and spent enough years in New England that I consider myself a New Englander as well. When somebody asks where I’m from I tend to switch back and forth depending on the conversation. There is no doubt I have a connection with this city though. Some of my first solid meals were gumbo, red beans, and jambalaya. I remember Hack, one…
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Brunch at The Elephant Walk Boston

This post was originally made public on May 9, 2015. Originally posted on Tumblr. Last updated April 26, 2017. Last Sunday was truly the start of spring for me! It was opening day at SOWA, the first day where I could throw on a summer dress and sandals this year, and the first brunch of the month! I left myself an hour or so before brunch to take a look around SOWA and spent a majority…
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Snowed In: Mountain Edge Resort & Spa

This post was originally made public on Dec. 4, 2014. Originally posted on Tumblr. Last updated April 25, 2017. With all the stress on me from work, school, my future…I just felt my mind really needing to check out for a day or two. Aaaand to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life we went towards the mountains for a quick, relaxing getaway… Mt. Sunapee in New Hampshire was calling our name!…
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