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Inside Austria’s Zotter Chocolate Factory

A chance to live out my dreams as a kid in a chocolate factory? Yes, please! As Lukas grew up in Graz, this was an experience he shared with me when we first started dating! He made it sound so exciting, “you take a spoon and have as much as you want! And they have all different kinds!” So when we arrived in Graz, I was very excited to have my own experience at the…
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Brunch at The Elephant Walk Boston

This post was originally made public on May 9, 2015. Originally posted on Tumblr. Last updated April 26, 2017. Last Sunday was truly the start of spring for me! It was opening day at SOWA, the first day where I could throw on a summer dress and sandals this year, and the first brunch of the month! I left myself an hour or so before brunch to take a look around SOWA and spent a majority…
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