Rebecca Brianne Nelson

About ImageBexpeditions™ is your source for travel inspiration and personal stories specializing in unique but attainable bucket-list experiences and photography by Rebecca Brianne Nelson. After online journaling for several years, Bexpeditions was formed to focus solely on my travels. Currently, I split my time between Boston, Massachusetts, and Hamburg, Germany.

I began writing in 2010 where I discussed my relationships, beauty, and personal growth as a girl navigating high school and a whole lot of other “firsts” that went along with it. I then took a long pause as I moved to Boston, began university and started working as a graphic designer where I found my passion for print design and wedding stationery. After three years on Beacon Hill, I quit my job to move to Germany to be with my boyfriend for two months. I figured this was the perfect time to begin writing about my adventures again (a whole new set of “firsts”). I am also focused on developing my design startup, which spawned from a class project at Harvard University. Today, I split my time between both cities while finishing my degree and preparing to launch my startup.

With this platform, I hope to become your trusted globetrotting friend! The chance to focus on my own creative endeavors again is the best feeling. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to focus on creating the work you see here and to be part of this community. This journey is exciting and I don’t know where it will take me but I love sharing it with you. I hope you’ll join me for the ride!

xo Rebecca

Rebecca has worked with a wide array of brands to create engaging content including Warby Parker, Turo, The Elephant Walk and more. For more information please send an email to – Hope to hear from you soon!

Portrait by Cristina Florea at Demel in Vienna, Austria.