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Sailing Heals for Cancer Patients in Manchester-By-The-Sea, Massachusetts

I’m so happy to welcome July with open arms after a pretty slow June came and went very quietly. I’ll be traveling a bit more this month and will surely have some exciting stories to share later on! On the first of the month, the whole family and I took a very scenic drive up to Manchester-By-The-Sea, Massachusetts. It’s about an hour outside of Boston on the north shore. We were there for Sailing Heals, an…
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See Summer Better: Warby Parker Summer 2015

This post was originally made public on June 7, 2015. Originally posted on Tumblr. Imported and last updated April 26, 2017. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you may know I looove shopping for sunglasses and eyeglasses. I love all different shapes and sizes and find it one of the best accessories you can wear. Now that it’s June and temperature are starting to rise (typically that’s the case, but who really knows in…
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Indo-Row with BTone Fitness

This post was originally made public on May 14, 2015. Originally posted on Tumblr. Last updated April 26, 2017. I actually love trying out new workouts. That is after I get past my anxiety and fear that I’ll be the worst one in the class because everybody has been mastering this workout since they were 10 years old. I forced myself to get over that fear when trekking across the Public Garden to BTone Fitness’ Back…
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