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Lady In Red: Our Picture Perfect Day In Vienna!

I AM SO EXCITED to finally share this with you! I’ve shared parts of it here and there but this is the first time I’m actually talking about this photo shoot and sharing a real collection of them. You’ll notice my sidebar portrait was from this shoot! Lukas and I love having our photo taken (which is funny to me now because I used to HATE it. All of my elementary school photos look like…
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Austria Photo Diary: Graz City Date

Welcome to Graz! After a long train ride from Munich, we arrived here, Lukas’s hometown. This was a really big trip for me as it’s not only exploring a new place but seeing L’s parents and grandparents was a huge deal. We stayed with his grandparents for the first few days just outside of Graz which had its highs and lows. High was that his grandparents are very kind and gave us a very warm…
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Love: 10 Tips For A Happy Long Distance Relationship

The time has come for me to return back to Boston and leave Lukas in Hamburg. As much as we think it will get easier, it never does. We’ve been doing this for the past year and a half and we like to think we’ve almost mastered the art of a long distance relationship and making it work. We still have small outbursts of tears right until we’re at the airport and the first few…
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