Day Trip: Bremen, Germany

Yay for weekend dates! L and I have been filling up our weekends away and we went to Bremen a couple weeks ago. He said it was a strange city but worth seeing for a day so we hopped on a train and on our way we went. Out of our small town adventures so far, (Luneburg, Lubeck, and now Bremen), and I do think Bremen is the strangest. It has a unique vibe set forth by the people who live here. I can’t really describe it but you definitely feel transported into a different place than that in the other towns and especially Hamburg! The architecture is gorgeous though and they have adorable cafes all over the place with large outdoor seating options. That part of it actually reminded me a bit of Vienna which is one of my favorite cities in the world so it was a really charming area to be in.


We really didn’t do anything specific or any particular attraction aside from walking around and taking in the sites. Lukas was excited to show me a candy shop, Bremer Bonbon Manufaktur, where you can watch them make the candy and also purchase it of course! We bought a jar of it which was really delicious but unfortunately right after they closed Lukas was climbing up on something to get a photograph when the jar fell out and shattered into a million pieces on the ground. Sad! 🙁 But I can say they were very tasty and we might order a replacement online.

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