Photo Diary: Lüneburg

Lukas and I took a short train ride outside of Hamburg for a daytime date to explore Lüneburg’s Old Town. It’s one of those picturesque towns in Germany that makes you feel you stepped onto a set or placed yourself in the middle of a snow globe, sans snow.


First mentioned in 956 (yes, 956!) the town is most famous for salt and was the largest site for it in Northern Europe throughout the 15th and 16th centuries. It was the warmest day we’ve had so far during my stay here so it was lovely to get outside and to see people sitting outside now around the various cafes! I love the cafes here in Germany and the ability to sit outside in so many places! Boston rarely allows this due to space but the city and people would benefit so much getting some fresh air rather than running from one indoor place to the next.


The town is small enough though as these locals were not used to seeing someone running around with a camera snapping pictures of such sites. They’re watching me watching them. We ended our day going up to the Lüneburg Water Tower that gives you an entire view over the whole town and also serves as a museum, allowing you to walk down the entire tower. The view at the top is so charming! It’s like mixing the memories of all fairytale books, snow globes, and village house sculptures. It was a perfect day trip and we shall return soon!



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