• Forever mesmerized by New England sunsets
  • Weather looks pretty awful today so rewinding to sunnier times last week 🌂
  • Hoppy Easter from this happy bunny 🐰🤗
  • Having a sick day 🤒 and dreaming of sunny times in Hamburg ☀️#fbf
  • Hydrangeas on the porch? Now we are officially springtime ready 🌺
  • Such a beautiful & warm welcome back to my city! ☀️🇺🇸 #homesweethome
  • Monday brights 💕
  • We're actually only on a pedal boat but this looks a lot nicer
  • Throwing it back to last years castle stay! Ready to go back now 🏰

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Fairytale Living: Schlosshotel Münchhausen

As a bucket list item, I’ve always wanted to stay in a castle and what place was better than Germany to do such a thing? And what place could be better than Schlosshotel Münchhausen? L and I booked a suite for four nights as part of a package they offer and it was the best decision we made! After some small research on castle hotels around Germany, Schlosshotel Münchhausen seemed like the obvious choice if we…
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Photo Diary: Hamburg On The Water

First time out on the water this year! Aside from the ferry trips, of course. The weather just warmed up enough in Hamburg where we felt comfortable going out on the Alster River in some smaller boats, pedal boats to be exact. We rented one for a few hours and spent the afternoon together. This post was sitting in my drafts and are from a couple weeks ago, right before I returned back to Boston…
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Amsterdam Part 3, Diamonds & Munchies

So rounding up the big birthday trip our last full day in Amsterdam was a lot of fun and slightly “spacey” (if you know what I mean.). Lukas and I slept in and went out late for breakfast for bagels. We’re both major bagel people (all bread and carbs really). But the sun continued to shine and on our last full day, we realized we have yet to visit any museums and thought we would…
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Birthday in Amsterdam, Part 2 Canal Ride

More from Amsterdam! How is one supposed to narrow down over 700 photos and dozens of video for a single blog post?? This is my attempt. The weather was so beautiful (lucky us!) that we were able to shed our coats for some time and have a sneak peek of summer. We decided we needed to do all things that one would typically do in summer and not hold back even though spring has barely…
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Birthday In Amsterdam, Part 1

Life in Amsterdam! How lucky am I that I was able to explore you?? Lukas planned a surprise trip to Amsterdam and I could not be more grateful. We woke up at 6 am on my birthday, had cake for breakfast and packed a bag for an 8 am train where I was unaware of our final destination. If you saw my Instastories you also got to experience the whole thing with me! I knew…
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Day Trip: Bremen, Germany

Yay for weekend dates! L and I have been filling up our weekends away and we went to Bremen a couple weeks ago. He said it was a strange city but worth seeing for a day so we hopped on a train and on our way we went. Out of our small town adventures so far, (Luneburg, Lubeck, and now Bremen), and I do think Bremen is the strangest. It has a unique vibe set…
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Photo Diary: Lübeck

Recently Lukas and I ran off to Lübeck, a small city about an hour outside of Hamburg. An unusual city and the first where I was greeted with such a prominent gate! Lübeck is a World Heritage Site from UNESCO with its gorgeous gothic architecture and its old town is really darling! Although L think it’s strange they had multiple museums dedicated to puppet theater which I found absolutely adorable! It seemed like such a strange…
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Photo Diary: Lüneburg

Lukas and I took a short train ride outside of Hamburg for a daytime date to explore Lüneburg’s Old Town. It’s one of those picturesque towns in Germany that makes you feel you stepped onto a set or placed yourself in the middle of a snow globe, sans snow.      First mentioned in 956 (yes, 956!) the town is most famous for salt and was the largest site for it in Northern Europe throughout…
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My Carry-On Essentials

This post was originally made public on Feb. 11, 2015 with RelayRides, now Turo. Originally posted on Tumblr.  Last updated April 24, 2017. I’ve left the snowy streets of Boston for New Orleans today! And anything above 30 degrees feels amazingly warm. This post is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile and with my trip, it felt like the perfect time to do so. Turo was the one to send in the question wanting…
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