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  • HAPPY birthday to my best friend/photographer/writer/Austrian lover/translator/traveler/lawyer ❤️You're the only man I'd literally cross seas for 🌊 and I can't wait to see what brilliant things you do in your life! Xo, your gurl ✨
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  • Throwback to better views in Austria 💕I may be sick in bed 🤒 but the blog series for this pretty little country is complete so check it out! 📷😘 link in bio ✨#visitaustria
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Sunny St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans Sightseeing

One of my favorite things to do in New Orleans on a good day is to escape the craziness of the French Quarter, go uptown and stroll along St. Charles Avenue. Also known as “The Jewel of America’s Grand Avenues”.  I highly recommend it to those who really want to visit New Orleans but don’t want to get in all the crazy party happenings that they think the city only has to offer. A QUIETER…
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Photo Diary: New Orleans French Quarter

“There are a lot of places I like, but I like New Orleans better. There’s a thousand different angles at any moment. At any time you could run into a ritual honoring some vaguely known queen. Bluebloods, titled persons like crazy drunks, lean weakly against the walls and drag themselves through the gutter. Even they seem to have insights you might want to listen to. No action seems inappropriate here. The city is one very…
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Lady In Red: Our Picture Perfect Day In Vienna!

I AM SO EXCITED to finally share this with you! I’ve shared parts of it here and there but this is the first time I’m actually talking about this photo shoot and sharing a real collection of them. You’ll notice my sidebar portrait was from this shoot! Lukas and I love having our photo taken (which is funny to me now because I used to HATE it. All of my elementary school photos look like…
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Mornings at Demel

I love those days where everything seems to just fall into place perfectly – you have things to do although nothing feels overwhelming and the cards are just in your favor for those few hours. This is how I feel when I walk into Demel. Although Demel could probably be seen as a common tourist attraction as it’s so famous for those visiting Vienna, it’s absolutely wonderful! And after trying out multiple Viennese cafes we…
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A Peek Inside The Most Magnificent Venue in Vienna

Wondering what the best way is to get a good tour? Say you’re interested in getting married there! Although L hasn’t popped the question we were interested in seeing a couple venues while we happened to be traveling to keep in the back of our minds when that time comes (ahem, no pressure 😛). It’s going to be a destination wedding for at least half the guests so we’re open to the whole globe as…
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Photo Diary: Welcome to Beautiful Vienna!

Ah, Vienna! Do you know when you visit a place and you automatically feel like you belong there? It’s one of those rare cities where it’s new but never strange or unfamiliar. You feel you’re one with the people (aside from the whole language thing, ha – but even in Vienna that doesn’t seem to be a large issue!). Do you have a city that makes you feel that way? I felt that with Boston…
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Sightseeing: Pyramidenkogel Tower in Austria

How many sightseeing posts can one girl have from Austria??! Turns out, a whole load! Each view deserves its own post as they are their own magnificent, breathtaking experience that should be shared with you. We took a day trip to Carinthia which I hear is where many Austrian’s go to for their waterfront vacations within the country. We didn’t get the sunniest of days and many things happened to be closed on our day…
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Austria: Countryside Lunch With A View

Sharing another one of our most scenic adventures in Austria! It’s truly one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever seen and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to explore it with my loved ones. We drove outside of Graz for a lunch at one of Lukas’s favorite places Weingut und Buschenschank Kieslinger in Kogelberg and it was an absolute delight! It was my first time eating out in Austria and I must say I…
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New Orleans Jazz Fest 2017 Diary + Playlist

New Orleans…Where do I even begin? It’s my original hometown although I’ve grown up and spent enough years in New England that I consider myself a New Englander as well. When somebody asks where I’m from I tend to switch back and forth depending on the conversation. There is no doubt I have a connection with this city though. Some of my first solid meals were gumbo, red beans, and jambalaya. I remember Hack, one…
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Austria Photo Diary: Graz City Date

Welcome to Graz! After a long train ride from Munich, we arrived here, Lukas’s hometown. This was a really big trip for me as it’s not only exploring a new place but seeing L’s parents and grandparents was a huge deal. We stayed with his grandparents for the first few days just outside of Graz which had its highs and lows. High was that his grandparents are very kind and gave us a very warm…
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